You can now add Wiz Khalifa to the list of rappers with clothing lines. The Pittsburgh rhymer is launching an apparel and lifestyle company called Freshko.

According to Hip-Hop Wired, Wiz has partnered with veteran clothing designer Sketch to create the brand, which will encompass music, graffiti, art and fashion.

"Freshko is above and beyond your average new clothing line. It is a movement, lifestyle and stee with deep roots in graffiti, music, art and fashion. A few ways to describe our style, which we like to call stee, is smooth, timeless, relevant, classic, balance, versatile, strong, positive and universal," reads a press release.

Wiz and Stretch will launch the Freshko line at a pop-up store event in Los Angeles today (May 1). The initial launch will include 300 pieces, mostly T-shirts and tank tops, at their storefront and online shop at $35 a pop.

Freshko has two unique icons: the elemonkey, which represents good luck, fortune, courage, wisdom, intelligence and career victory, and the letter F with a circle around it which symbolizes completion, focus, foundation, family and freedom.

"Freshko is bringing something new to the game for everyone to be apart of FKO ... FRESH KNOWLEDGE OF, meaning ... whatever your best at, any craft or talent in any business or career ... rep that s--- to the fullest."

We wish Wiz much success in his new venture with Freshko.

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