Veteran hip-hop producer Warren G has teamed up with Bronco Wine to become the pitchman for the company's Allure Pink Moscato.

The 'Regulate' rapper will be touting the wine drink in the company's print, television and social media campaigns.

“Who would’ve known that my favorite moscato, Allure, would ask me to be their brand partner,” said Warren G in a press release. “It’s exciting to be in the wine business and I know we can bring a lot of pleasure to our consuming audience. I'm looking forward to sharing my favorite pink Moscato with everyone.”

Fred Franzia, the CEO of Bronco Wine Company, is beaming over his partnership with the G-Funk pioneer.

"We're very pleased to be working with Warren G, who has the bright, lively style of our Allure wines, and the same belief in top quality and value," he said. "I’m impressed by Warren G’s interest in wines and I know we’re going to have a big success."

Allure Pink moscato, as well as other different flavors, are available at major supermarkets like Whole Foods, Vons, BevMo! and Safeway or online.

To connect with Warren G while sipping on some Allure Pink Moscato, you can check out his Instagram page, send him a tweet on Twitter or post a video on Vine at @AllureMoscato.

Cheers to Warren G on his new gig!

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