It's time to get turnt up! Waka Flocka Flame is back with a sure-fire club banger called 'Stay Hood.' Helping the Atlanta rapper get rowdy on the Lex Luger-produced track is none other than Lil Wayne.

On the song, the Brick Squad leader proclaims his love for the 'hood. 'I'ma stay 'hood till the day that I die (Wall Street!) / I'ma twist this weed, let's get high," he screams on the chorus.

Elsewhere, Flocka spits rudimentary verses about women, money and haters. "I’m the only motherfucker that I really trust / In a bad bitch's guts -- always / Countin’ money like always / Gettin’ money from three ways / I could never, ever see no rainy days," he raps.

Meanwhile, Weezy adds to the crudeness with his throwaway rhymes, rapping, "Motherf---ers better king me / I'ma walk around wearing Jesus’ crown / These n----s just p---- / I’ma let that chopper eat 'em out."

This is your basic ratchet song for the clubs. Nothing else to do other than nod your head and get crunk once the DJ lets the record play.

'Stay Hood' will appear on Waka Flocka Flame's upcoming mixtape, 'DuFlocka Rant 2,' which drops tonight at 10:17 p.m. ET. In celebration of the mixtape's release, the ATL emcee will skydive out of a plane. "Ready for #DuFlockaRant2 and me skydiving?" he asked his followers on Twitter. We wish him a safe landing.

Listen to Wacka Flocka Flame's 'Stay Hood' Feat. Lil Wayne