Tyga is certainly experiencing his work week ever. After a photo of the rapper's private parts was leaked after he apparently had a text exchange with transgender actress Mia Isabella, he quickly assembled a team to find the hacker behind the fiasco.

According to TMZ, Lee Hutton, Tyga's lawyer, revealed that the rapper informed the FBI of the incident and they're currently putting the full-court press on media outlets in hopes of snatching the culprit.

Hutton has already confirmed that the leaked photo featuring Tyga's penis was indeed authentic. His lawyer said that someone close to Tyga was trying to "maliciously shame" him for undisclosed reasons. Despite the photo being authentic, Hutton debunked all the rumors regarding Isabella's involvement by saying that the photo was never sent to her.

The photo was originally leaked Tuesday (July 6) and disseminated through the web like wildfire. After a close examination, the person in the photo was determined to be the "Rack City" rapper because of his stomach tattoos.

Hutton has numerous copies of the e-mails that were sent out to various media outlets, including the blog that first broke the story, in hopes of capturing the culprit.

A rep for Isabella's team says that she wasn't involved in the leak and is willing to cooperate with the FBI during this investigation.

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