Trinidad James had quite a year with his song 'All Gold Everything' becoming one of the most rapped about and talked about tunes in 2012. So how is the Atlanta rapper going to top that in 2013? More and more hits.

In an interview with BET, James reflects on his instant rise to fame and signing with Def Jam for a reported $2 million. "Doing me is what got me with Def Jam so I can't do anything else but me," he says. "So that's what I'm continuing to do. So I'ma keep giving you dope visuals and my life."

In 2013, James say he's going to stay true to himself and represent the ATL the way he knows how. "I'm just a regular guy," he shares. "My mom has always taught me always take care of home first. So taking that [advice] into the music business … I didn't change [who am I] because of the industry or the music. I'ma stay the same person and give you the same energy as if I was a regular guy."

"My music, in general, is real life," he continues. "If you are living in real life, we all go through the same problems just in different ways. All [you're] doing is hearing my problems in my way."

No word on when Trinidad James will drop his full-length Def Jam debut but it's coming soon. Don't believe us, just watch.

Watch Trinidad James Perform 'All Gold Everything' on BET's '106 & Party' Special