Trey Songz has done it again. His latest track, 'Sensational,' has beaten R&B newbie Ariana Grande's 'Baby I' in last week's R&B Sound Off. She picked up 21.89 percent of the vote, which was not enough to beat Songz's 78.11 percent.

‘Sensational’ brings it back to the old school style of R&B. Songz serenades his special lady with a high falsetto similar to that of Maxwell in ‘This Woman’s Work.’ So this love ode is obviously sultry.

“Your kiss, your lips taste sweet as honey, darling / I just lose myself inside of you, you / Touch me, hold me, need me, keep me / Swear you’ll never leave me,” he sings.

R. Kelly's latest single, 'My Story,' competes against Trey Songz this week. With the help of 2 Chainz, 'My Story' is the first song off of Kelly's upcoming 12th album, 'Black Panties.' The track celebrates his achievements in the music industry without hesitation. "Twenty years, what’s that like five careers? / I’m just a nappy-headed n---- from the Chi / I ain’t even supposed to be here,” he sings.

Will Trey Songz's 'Sensational' keep its winning streak and potentially enter the R&B Hall of Fame next week? Or will veteran R. Kelly's latest track woo fans and topple his opponent's chances? Vote for your favorite song in the poll below. Remember you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tues., Aug. 6, at 10AM ET.

Listen to Trey Songz’s ‘Sensational’

Listen to R. Kelly’s ‘My Story’ Feat. 2 Chainz

Rules of R&B Sound Off
Two R&B artists sound off against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next R&B Sound Off. If an artist wins four straight R&B Sound Offs, the song will be honored as immortal in R&B Sound Off Hall of Fame.

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