R. Kelly is the master of making baby-making music. Classics like 'Your Body's Calling' and 'Down Low' are tailor-made for the bedroom. The veteran crooner returns with a seductive tune called 'Genius.'

As the title suggests, it's a smart and sexy love ballad with Kells bragging about his expertise in the bedroom. He even goes so far as to proclaim he's a "sex genius." Over a plodding beat and a tinkling piano groove, the '12 Play' singer is in awe of his beautiful apprentice.

"We’re both so freakin’ hot / We don’t wanna freakin’ stop / Got each other like la la la la, babe," he sings. "Now that got you out of your clothes / Your body is so beautiful, the mirror says, 'La la la la,' babe."

Fans seem to love the song. R. Kelly went on his Instagram page to thank them for their support behind 'Genius.'

He wrote:

So much love in response to my new song GENIUS. I have the best fans in the world. You can check out the track at r-kelly.com if you haven't heard it yet."

R. Kelly's upcoming 12th album, 'Black Panties,' which boasts collaborations with 2 Chainz and Future, will arrive in stores Nov. 11.

Listen to R. Kelly's Song 'Genius'

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