Sixteen-year-old Trevor Jackson is well-aware of the fact that new listeners may want to compare him to another R&B crooner who started his career around the same age.

“Since I’ve started music, people have always been like, ‘Oh, he’s like Chris Brown,’” he tells “That’s absolutely not a bad comparison. He’s one of my inspirations, him and Michael Jackson are my top two. I’m appreciative of [Brown’s] career because he paved the way for me as well.”

“I’m thankful for the compliment,” he adds. “But I’m waiting for the day when people say, ‘Oh, that’s Trevor Jackson,’ and not just, ‘He’s like Chris, or like Michael, or like Usher.’”

With his upcoming debut LP more than halfway completed, the triple-threat -- he's a  singer, dancer and actor -- hopes to bring new life to the R&B genre. His lead single, ‘Like We Grown,’ is already setting him up for success and the Atlantic Records signee says he’s been working with a number of top-notch songwriters including Rico Love and Ne-Yo.

“I’m really excited with the way stuff is turning out,” he enthuses. “We’re getting close. We’re getting toward the finish line. I’m so happy people are enjoying ‘Like We Grown’ because if they like that, I know they’ll love the rest.”

If nothing else, Jackson is surely primed for the music industry. In 2008, the Indiana native started his career on Broadway as Young Simba. Although that side of the entertainment industry is distinctly different from his current venture, the stage served as a sort of boot camp for the fledgling star.

“On Broadway, the play’s already written and you just have to sing the songs,” he explains. “I feel like they’re similar too though because when you sing on Broadway, you have to sing and act and I feel like, in the studio, if you’re not singing and acting then the people won’t really relate to you.”

“In the studio, you have to really feel what you’re singing,” he continues. “You have to act from the standpoint you’re singing from. That’s what gives us the ability to change a person’s mood and make a person happy or sad through the music.”

Even while building a career in music, Jackson hasn’t lost his passion for acting, saying that he hopes to return to Broadway someday. For now, his focus is on establishing his position as one of the best and brightest newcomers in R&B. “Even before I was signed, everybody always knew I could sing,” he shares. “They’d be like, ‘When is he doing music? When’s his music coming out?’ I’m more successful in my acting career, which I’m thankful for and I’m grateful.”

“But I’ve always felt like I truly, truly love music it’s my passion and for my music to come out, it’s -- and I know this is cliche -- but it’s really a dream come true.”

Watch Trevor Jackson's 'Like We Grown' Video