A day after Naughty by Nature member Treach fired Vin Rock from the group, he released a diss song called 'Tall Midget.'

The scathing track is full of vitriol for Vinnie, who Treach feels is getting too big for his britches.

"Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, that’s exciting, fighting / I shoulda done celebrity ghost stories for all my ghost writing / I can’t fire the owner ’cause it's me and my DJ / You give a grown man time out / I’m out -- buy my swag on eBay / Cash, I get it, grab it feel the punishment from this savage / Legend, a lyrical lord, call you Uncle Ad Lib," he raps.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Treach says that his issues with Vinnie have been building up over time and they haven't spoken to each other in over two years.

“We never wanted to be the groups that couldn’t resolve our issues," he says. "Nobody is larger than the group. We always fit [Vinnie] in even if there wasn’t a spot for [him] to fit in. You will never see Vin do a Naughty show [alone], because he can’t. Me and [Kay Gee] can do this for the rest of our lives. I don’t work for nobody.”

Apparently, the problem has to do with the business side of things when it comes to the Naughty By Nature brand. Treach told the website that NBN has not disbanded, so a civil discussion about the business could resolve the matter.

"I’ll never say never to nothing, because I’m a business man," he said. "For now, Vinnie is on a 'grown man timeout.'"

In response to his "firing" from NBN, Vinnie seemed to just shake it off.

“I’m waking to drama. Spoke to my publicist. Silence is Golden. In the meantime Business 101: You can’t Fire the Owner ;-)," he tweeted.

No word on where this feud is going to lead.

Naughty by Nature are scheduled to perform at the 6th annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia on June 1. Will Treach and Vinnie show up for their performance?

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