It's been three months since the tragic loss of Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair who died in February from complications related to diabetes. Now a Mississippi woman believes that the 'F--- Compton' rapper may have faked his own death.

In an interview with News Channel 3 WREG, Ester Pilgrim believes that Tim Dog is alive and staged his own demise so he could avoid paying $32,000 he scammed from her. The victim alleges that the Bronx rapper owes about $2 million to several people he duped all over the world.

WREG hired a private investigator and reported that they couldn't find a death certificate for Tim Dog. However, they did discover a home address for him in Atlanta that was "active" as recently as April.

"Oh, I think there is a great chance that he’s alive," said Pilgrim who thinks Tim Dog is pulling his biggest con yet.

If his alleged death turns out to be a hoax, Tim Dog not only fooled the victims but the hip-hop community as well. We even reported that a memorial service was held for the late rapper in Harlem back in March. We are also wondering why there isn't a memorial page for Tim Dog on his official website?

So is Tim Dog really alive? Will he show up to perform at Rock the Bells along with Ol' Dirty Bastard and Eazy-E?

All jokes aside, this is truly a bizarre story.