Last night’s episode of 'The Voice' was the same humdrum blind auditions. There weren’t many outstanding performances nor were there major letdowns. It seems like they’re saving some of the bigger blind auditions for the last session, next week.

Audrey Karrasch kicked off the show with Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ and she was a feisty one. She had the whole package of what would make a great pop star. Blake Shelton and Usher both turned around for her.

When Adam Levin was set to give her some criticism, Karrasch quickly shunned him for not turning around. I don’t think Adam is used to that kind of rejection. Blake gave a great plea to have her on his team but Usher barely got two words out before she agreed to join him.

Betsy Barta gave the most lackluster audition, singing Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain.’ It should be a rule of thumb to not sing any Adele songs within these next few years unless you’re actually Adele. The judges were unimpressed with her vocals and no one turned around for her. She had no emotion nor expressed attitude while performing such a great pop breakup song. However, Barta did show emotions when the judges said it wasn’t going to work out for her.

Patrick Dodd, who was sporting some serious dreadlocks, sung ‘Walking In Memphis’ by Marc Cohn. Dodd had incredible soul and range in his voice, which you wouldn’t expect from someone who looked like him. Adam and Shakira turned around for him, but he opted to be on Team Adam.

Orlando Dixion sang Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick,’ and it wasn’t until the very end of his performance that Usher decided to push the button. Orlando gushed that he had been a fan of Usher’s for many years. "I’m going to push you more,” Usher declared. But his family stole the show with their endless screaming when Usher decided to choose him.

The episode rounded out with Savannah Berry, who sang ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift. The judges were really wowed by her performance, which left me confused because she was incredibly pitchy and her last note went right through me. But I digress.

Next week is the last of the blind auditions before the deadly sing-off battles.

Watch Orlando Dixon Perform Ne-Yo's 'So Sick' on 'The Voice'