Don Mykel is telling all too familiar tale about the struggle happening in the hoods across America with his visual for "Ghetto Lullaby."

Although the Harlem native plays Tupac Shakur's "Gangsta Party" in the beginning of the DMF FILMS-directed video, the song and aesthetic more closely resembles 2Pac's "Brenda's Got a Baby."

In the black-and-white video, Mykel heads to the Bronx as he details multiple stories that he sees on the streets -- a homeless man begging for change,  a mom struggling to pay rent and a youth strapping up. The clip is also laced with pops of color through neon signs and backdrops of the vibrant city.

Mykel also hangs out with the homies as he spits some rhymes in front of a neon sign as he tells the story of a young girl raising a child that ends with a twist. "I know you know my heart pure / My track records prove it," he raps over the TrakFormaz-produced song. "Baby mama drama with plans to f--- up some commas."

The song appears on Mykel's mixtape, King Mykel: The Rebirth, which dropped last November. While the young rhymer may still be on the come-up, he's certainly catching people's attention with poignant songs like this. And the lyricist is certainly going for the crown.

"I'm rocking with @DonxGandhi on this new visual. Open ya [eyes emoji]'s. Real rap ain't dead tho," tweeted one fan.

Check out the visual above and download Don Mykel's mixtape at

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