It's been a while since Tamar Braxton put out an album -- 13 years to be exact when her self-titled debut LP arrived in 2000. But her follow-up, 'Love and War,' is less than a month away, and the tracklist is finally up for public consumption.

The reality star's debut effort will feature the 'Juicy Fruit'-sampled 'The One' (think Biggie) and the emotional ballad 'Love and War,' which was released as the album's lead single last year. Unlike her debut 'Tamar,' this project appears to be devoid of any features.

The 14-track LP will be released on Sept. 3. Shortly after 'Love and War' is on store shelves, the songstress will join John Legend on his Made to Love tour starting Oct. 20. Coincidentally, his album, 'Love in the Future,' drops the same day as Braxton's.


‘Love and War′ Tracklist

1. 'The One'
2. 'Tip Toe'
3. 'Stay and Fight'
4. 'Love and War'
5. 'All the Way Home'
6. 'One on One Fun'
7. 'She Did That (Interlude)'
8. 'Hot Sugar'
9. 'Pieces'
10. 'Where It Hurts'
11. 'Prettiest Girl'
12. 'Sound of Love'
13. 'White Candle'
14. 'Thank You Lord'

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