Clearly T-Pain feels he could teach Future a few things about Auto-Tune.

The Nappy Boy Entertainment founder recently denounced Future's Auto-Tune use in an interview with Hot 93.7. “I don’t think Future gets the technology very well. I don’t think he understands how it actually works," he said simply.

While he took some shots at the 'Karate Chop' creator, he also praised him."He’s writing great songs," T-Pain stated. "He's a great writer. Keep in mind, you can use Auto-Tune and you can know how to work perfectly, but you still have to know how to write a good song. Just because he sound good doesn't mean he's saying good stuff. As far as how he uses Auto-Tune, I don't think he knows how it works."

Apparently there's an art to the craft that made T-Pain so much money with songs like 'I'm Sprung' and 'Bartender.' "I think he’s thinking that you just turn it on, and then it just happens," the 'Epiphany' creator said. "But nah, he writes great, great hooks and great songs themselves. I just don't think he actually knows how to use Auto-Tune yet."

While maintaining -- several times -- that the Atlanta rapper can actually write "great" songs, he detailed the many different ways Future was misusing the popular software.

“A lot of people don’t sing with it, a lot of people just sing and then put it on after, which is a terrible mistake," he continued. "There’s a lot of stuff you’ve gotta know about Auto-Tune before you can start using it, because it’s the hot thing to do. But Future’s still great right now, he’s doing his thing.”

These backhanded compliments seem to have been caused by an incident earlier this week when T-Pain posted a photo on Instagram implying that Future got the idea to feature a Bugatti in his music video based on an old T-Pain cut.

"Funny thing about that Bugatti you woke up in, #ItsMine #OhTheIrony hahahaaaa funny how “the new T-Pain” has to use “The old T-Pain’s Bugatti for his Bugatti hook hahaaaaa yea. So. There’s That. Not at all throwing shots at @Acehood that’s my man 100 grand," he wrote.

Right. Because rappers don't usually feature expensive whips in their videos.

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