Not every rapper can take a deadmau5 song and flip it into a socially conscious rap track. Maybach Music Group's own Stalley does just that on 'Raise Your Weapons.'

On the piano-driven beat, the rapper steps up to tell the story of "the people like me." "They saying I'm the last of a dying breed / And this generation is in a dire need / Of a voice like me / Someone to embody the glory, I guess that's me," he rhymes.

On the Block Beattaz production, the Ohio native is searching for peace in a world where inequality still exists. "Yeah I'm upset yo / 'Cause you won't accept the people that I rep fo' / The kids with broken hearts and torn souls that find it hard to let go / Confusing 'em with your religions and lying politicians throwing us in your prisons / Making us welfare recipients with no hope," Stalley raps.

He continues to serve thought-provoking lyrics and remind listeners of one thing: "I came too far to go back."

‘Raise Your Weapons’ will arrive on Stalley's forthcoming mixtape, set for an Aug. 8 release.

Listen to Stalley's 'Raise Your Weapons'

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