Solange surprises with a brand new remix to her single 'Looks Good With Trouble.' Kendrick Lamar adds his own flavor on the track, which is originally found on her EP, 'True,' released in November.

The slow number finds Solange taking notice of a guy who may get her caught up in the wrong side, but she's thinking of entertaining the options. "Hey little heartache, skipping out of town / Let's stay out of trouble, you make it look good," she coos.

The Compton emcee is trying to do right when he appears on the track. "I'm trying to stay on that good thing, you know, you know / Whatever song heaven would sing, you know, you know," he raps.

You can catch Solange perform with her sister Beyonce at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia this August.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar has been putting his touch on a few R&B records lately, most recently hopping on Miguel's single 'How Many Drinks.'

You can purchase 'Looks Good With Trouble' right now on iTunes.

Listen to Solange’s ‘Looks Good With Trouble’ Feat. Kendrick Lamar

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