Rapper Sneakas mocks society's dependence on technology on his brand new mixtape, 'There's a Rapp for That.'

Under the guidance of M.C. Serch, the rapper recently released the project. On the opening title track, Sneakas raps over a hard bassline, 'My focus is to make the dopest music on the planet / And if they don't get it they just couldn't understand it."

With the record 'Negatives,' he believes people only develop through the negative downfalls in life, parallel to a photographer developing photos from negatives as well. He draws references to new technology again, spitting, "While these rappers tell you anything you want to hear like Siri / I'm the truthspitta..."

The mixtape also features Salaam, Cole and Anise. Download 'There's a Rapp for That' here.

Listen to Sneakas 'There's a Rapp for That' Mixtape

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