There were plenty of fun moments onstage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards but there was some random ones not seen on live television. In particular, Rihanna's unique way of disposing dumped popcorn.

RiRi wasn't scheduled to perform at the VMAs so she decided to hang out and enjoy the show as a spectator. However, while watching Drake's performance of 'Started From the Bottom,' the Bajan beauty accidentally spilled popcorn into the lap of her gal pal Melissa Forde. The singer was able to clean up the mess by grabbing a handful of the kernels in her hand, but she had no where to put them.

So Rihanna decided to put it under the seat of one unsuspecting girl who was sitting in front of her. And it was all caught on video.

Have you no shame, RiRi?

When Forde caught her in the act, Rihanna told her to "Shhh" and continued to twerk in her chair to Drizzy's get-money anthem.

MTV's multi-camera feed caught Rihanna's indiscretion during the live stream and the clip went viral on the Internet.

That must have been some good popcorn. Below is a photo of Rihanna munching on some kernels and not giving any f---s about what's happening onstage.