Rihanna will follow in Beyonce’s footsteps by releasing her own documentary for her fans.In the special, titled 'Rihanna 777,' the ‘Stay’ singer is set to take viewers on a wild ride around the world to showcase her notorious 777 tour, which began last year in November. In case you forgot, the performance spree allowed journalists from several major outlets and fans to travel to seven different countries in seven days alongside Rihanna as she promoted her seventh album, ‘Unapologetic.’

Appropriately titled, what seemed like a cool idea turned into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ saga for starving journalists, who yearned for stories and food. The journalists who tagged along for the 777 tour were promised to face time with Rihanna during the seven-day trek.

By day four, the songstress was nowhere to be found on the jet. Journalists from Billboard, Spin and Rolling Stone started to turn on Ri Ri, giving poor concert reviews and shared general annoyance of having to make do with little information to report on.

According to USA Today, the documentary will showcase behind-the-scenes footage of the tour, performances and the chaos from the backlash.

The special, according to Fox, ”provides an inside look at the singer’s ambitious and often turbulent tour, from the sound of popping champagne corks on the plane to the backstage chaos to the singer’s special worldwide appearances.”

'Rihanna 777' airs May 6 on FOX network.

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