Rhymefest is one of the bigger names to come out of the Chicago hip-hop scene since 1996.

The Windy City rapper, who has released two LPs, co-wrote Kanye West's 'Jesus Walks,' which won him a Grammy at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards.

This win for the childhood friends was a momentous occasion. Rhymefest appeared frequently on the VH1 show 'Driven,' which documented West's life through stories of his close family and friends.

He has also had the opportunity to get political. Rhymefest has run for public office but took second place in 2001, during Chicago's election for 20th ward alderman. He continued his political activity, joining an election, and in 2006, he met with current U.K. prime minister David Cameron to talk about the state of hip-hop and its influence on society's youth.

Watch Rhymefest's 'Brand New' Feat. Kanye West

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