RaVaughn has been bringing her soulful chops to the forefront with songs like 'Better Be Good' ever since she signed to Motown Records. The newcomer can also brag about being the protege of Ne-Yo. This summer, she will release her debut album, 'Love Always.' As a preview of the effort, the songstress offers a free sampler.

The five-track project includes her first single 'Better Be Good' featuring Wale, an upbeat horn-driven track that's all about letting her guy know that he can't want her all to himself and still act single.

In the music video, released Feb. 21, RaVaughn is on the phone with a guy who lies about not showing up for their date that night. Instead of sulking, she hits a party with her homegirls. When the singer shows up, the man she just got finished forgetting about is also there, talking to another girl.

Can we say busted? Of course, she kicks him to the curb.

The redhead showcases other song snippets on the sampler including 'It's Over.' As the song's title suggests, RaVaughn is cutting a bad relationship loose. "Tired of being treated like I'm stupid," she sings. She's out and won't be "slashing tires" or "busting windows" of cars either.

Although she's controlling the show in the previous songs, she seems helpless in 'Sick of Crying,' where she realizes she's the chick on the side, and not the main event. But RaVaughn finally meets her equal love match and gets those good old butterflies in the song 'Lovin U' featuring her boss Ne-Yo.

Although RaVaughn is new to the game, we already feel like we know her with these intimate and personal songs.

'Love Always' arrives in June.

 Listen to RaVaughn's 'Love Always' Sampler

Watch RaVaughn's 'Better Be Good' Video Feat. Wale

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