After teaming up with Wale on 'Better Be Good,' R&B newbie RaVaughn partners with Fabolous on the soulful ballad 'I'm So F---ed Up.'

Over a mid-tempo groove, the Compound artist plays the jilted lover as she croons about a forlorn heartbreak after a night of libations.

"Following the clocks on the wall / But I can't tell the time / My mind's going in circles / Tryin' to press rewind / Wasn't Moet or Malibu Red that did me in this time / I'm so not okay, but I'll be alright," she sings.

Loso comes through with a 16-bar verse about having regrets for breaking his lover's heart. "My attitude got robbed / Now I'm stuck up / Taking bottles to the head / F--- cups / When you waked up, you seen that I called / I text to say I'm sorry / But it won't mean nothing at all," he raps.

RaVaughn's 'I'm So F---ed Up' could do very well on urban radio if given the chance. The song's theme is very relatable and the soulful production is soothing to the ears.

More importantly, the song sits on RaVaughn's debut album, 'Love Always,' which is scheduled to hit stores in June.

Listen to RaVaughn, 'I'm So F---ed Up' Feat. Fabolous

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