In another case of celebrities receiving special treatment, Police Chief Bryan Norwood of the Richmond Police Department has been called out for reportedly falsifying court documents listing community service hours completed by Chris Brown.

According to TMZ, the police chief was signing off on Breezy's hours although he may not have actually worked. The community service was a condition of Brown's probation after the now-infamous Rihanna assault case.

In a report filed by the District Attorney of Los Angeles County, it's specified that Brown failed to perform the hours, and Norwood had been personally signing off on his documentation without witnessing Brown check in for duty.

Since the report, Chief Norwood and the Mayor of Richmond met, deciding that it would be best if Norwood voluntarily stepped down from his position. Former Assistant Chief of Police, Ray J. Tarasovic will come out of retirement to replace him.

In the meantime, we're hoping Breezy has backup documentation because the judge in the Rihanna case wants to see proof that he's been completing the community service hours as assigned.

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