Rihanna is executive producing 'Styled to Rock,' a fashion reality competition show. The series seeks out the next great trendsetting designer and is due to air sometime in 2013. Ten episodes will be featured offering 12 wannabes the chance to showcase their fabric manipulating, design and imaging skills. Joining the show as a mentor is producer, singer and the fashionably inclined Pharrell Williams.

The show is different than, say, 'Project Runway,' in that it allows the hopefuls to create pieces for A-list celebs, so to call the stakes high would be like saying that Rihanna and Chris Brown's on-off relationship is only a little bit dramatic. The designers will be tasked with styling a star every week. The styled star will decide which designer best achieved their vision and allow them to advance.

"We are delighted to have Pharrell, who is a driving force in both the music industry and fashion world, serve as a mentor on 'Styled to Rock,'" said Salaam Coleman Smith, the president of Style Media, which is behind the show. "Pharrell's unique aesthetic and commitment to individuality combined with Rihanna's vision for this series will enable our aspiring designers to hone their craft and learn from the very people who set the trends."

In addition to producing as one-half of the Neptunes and performing with N.E.R.D., Pharrell launched the Billionaire Boys Club and Billionaire Girls Club apparel lines, among other creative pursuits, like co-designing glasses and jewelry for Louis Vuitton and designing furniture pieces. So he's no slouch in the design and fashion departments.

He's a well-dressed gent and will be able to offer the designers on the show a unique and fresh perspective.