Patti Labelle made dreams come true on Thanksgiving (Nov. 26). The "If Only You Knew" singer invited vlogger James Wright and Questlove to her Thanksgiving festivities so they can taste her soulful cooking.

Although Miss Patti originally said that Wright's viral video review had nothing to do with the success of her sweet potato pies (it sold out of every Walmart nationwide) -- she changed her tune and invited him to her famous Thanksgiving dinner. The two even danced together as Wright serenaded the soul and pop icon.

In a video he shared on his Instagram page, Wright is dancing with LaBelle as he sings her song, "You Are My Friend." "Dancing with @mspattilabelle herself," he wrote in the caption.

TMZ also got footage of the two performing a duet of "On My Own," with Patti holding her famous sweet potato pie that has fans going crazy.

The Roots' drummer, Questlove, who has been waiting for a dinner invite, after "decades of begging," captured it all on his Instagram page as well.

"I thought this day would never happen. After Decades of begging: I get to experience the high that is @MsPattiLabelle's cooking. On #Thanksgiving at THAT!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!" he wrote.

The Tonight Show band leader also included a number of funny hashtags that play on Labelle's songs like #MarmaladeJelly and #LoveAndNeedAndWantThatLobsterMacAndCheese.

Sounds delicious! Check out the photos and videos below.

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