Paris Hilton signed on to Cash Money Records in May, but hasn't released any material and didn't even get a feature verse on this summer's 'Rich Gang' -- a Young Money/Cash Money compilation album. She finally gets her chance to shine with 'Good Time,' the first song from her forthcoming LP.

The song features simplistic, straight forward lyrics, EDM, dance-style breakdowns and your standard high-profile guest feature where Lil Wayne does the honors. Afrojack is on production duty here.

In other words, it's a pretty clear attempt from the Cash Money camp to do some damage on the Hot 100 charts.

Hilton doesn't show much vocal range and instead opts for a childlike performance to feign innocence. "Are you having a good time? / Cause I'm having a good time," she sings. "And I might be a bit tipsy / But that's OK 'cause you're with me." Cue the dance breakdown.

Lil Wayne slides in a few quotables to help bring the song to a close. "I walked up to a big butt and asked her ass but what? / Tunechi never slacks without a button-up," he raps.

The music video is expected to premiere tomorrow. The visual was teased along with a snippet of the song late last month.

Listen to Paris Hilton's 'Good Time' Feat. Lil Wayne

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