Big Sean started a fashion line earlier this year called Aura Gold and debuted it at the ProjectMVMNT fashion convention in Las Vegas. He's still moving his fashion line forward with his Spring 2014 collection, but he's also doing so with his hometown in mind.

The 'Hall of Fame' rapper talked to KarmaLoopTV about his upcoming line, meeting Kanye West and Eminem, and his sophomore effort. He's obviously progress monetary-wise since his pre-G.O.O.D. Music days as he admitted in the interview that he spent at least $400 on some of his jean jackets.

The Aura Gold jacket he was wearing -- like the rest of clothes in the upcoming collection -- come in an affordable, everyman's price. It specifically costs less than $100. Big Sean says he priced it as such for the citizens of Detroit, a city who's in dire financial straits.

"I come from a place where we can't afford a lot, so it's great to give back," Big Sean said. "I do charities, I do foundations and all that stuff, but this is a great way to give back."

Big Sean's charitable work isn't a new thing for him. The rapper also founded the Sean Anderson Organization in 2012 to assist youths struggling with socio-economic problems in the Detroit area.


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