Musiq Soulchild went back in time and performed live renditions of his many hits Friday night at his sold-out show at B.B. Kings club in New York City.

The Grammy-nominated singer was joined by a full band that included a horn section trio two-stepping while playing their instruments. They added life to the stage as he went through his catalog starting from his 'Aijuswanaseing'  days.

The crowd sung along as he followed-up with ‘Just Friends (Sunny)’ and he barely had to touch the mic when he played ‘Love,’ one of his most popular songs. His backup singer Jason covered the second verse, which brought rave shouts from the crowd.

‘How many of you know that you’re beautiful?” the Philly-crooner asked the ladies in the crowd before serenading them with 'Sobeautiful’ and his other slow jams about the ups and downs of love, ‘halfcrazy’ and ‘Teachme.’

“Love is not hard. Now relationships…,” Musiq told the crowd. After he switched up the chill mood, he had couples two-stepping to ‘forthenight,’ ‘B.U.D.D.Y.' and ‘Radio,’ some of his up-tempo tracks.

Before he left the stage, Musiq invited the packed-out audience upstairs where he would be signing autographs and thanking fans for their ongoing support.

Watch Musiq Soulchild's 'Yes' Video

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