As expected, Migos stunt without even a hint of cares for the world in the music video for 'Versace,' in which they flaunt their gold, party in a mansion and wear a lot -- a whole lot -- of Versace. The trio prosper in this decadent clip without Drake.

There's no real reason why a lot of the items featured in the video are there or why there are two women fencing with gold masks on. However, it seems to all be there to show the crazy heights of the Atlanta trio's current success, even though they're relative newcomers to the game.

The Gabriel Hart-directed visual includes a giant chess board, a leopard being walked on the lawn and many females basking in the wealth. In fact, Migos are stunting so hard that they don't even get through the entire track. 'Versace' cuts into 'Hannah Montana,' prompting a twerk fest between white booty shorts-wearing women. Again, no need for reasoning here.

The video then switches back to 'Versace' and the festivities continue. A little over three minutes in and Donatella Versace appears lounging on the couch-- she's the Versace Group vice president and sister of the company's founder, Gianni Versace. It's as if she's saying, "Thanks for the free promotion. Now here's my presence as a token of my gratitude."