Hip-hop tends to usher in new talent via notable names. Many times, newcomers make their mark by signing to the label owned by an already established rapper -- i.e. Meek Mill joining Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group empire. But sometimes unpredictable wild cards are thrown into the mix. Enter Migos.

Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, a hip-hop trio from Atlanta, developed a buzz by hitting clubs in their city every week and buying the DJ a drink to play their music. The grassroots method worked.

Their love of luxury on the track ‘Versace’ recently caught the ear of one superstar rapper out of Toronto: Drake. He remixed the song and propelled it to over 3 million plays on YouTube. It’s been awhile since a hip-hop group from the A had this much attention. Find out why.

Check out 10 Things You Didn't Know About Migos.

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    They're all related.

    Migos is a family affair. Quavious Marshall a.k.a. Quavo, 22, is the cousin of Offset, whose real name is Kiari Cephus. He is also 22. Nineteen-year-old Takeoff, born Kirshnik Ball, is Quavo's nephew.

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    'Young Rich N----s' is an underground hit.

    Their new mixtape, 'Young Rich N----s,' was released on June 13, and has received more than 1,700,000 views on LiveMixtapes.com. On the project, the trio raps trap house lyrics, reminiscent of the style of Gucci Mane, one of their rap idols. They add a bit more humor to the crimes they rhyme about on the mixtape.

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    Polo Club was once their rap moniker.

    The crew went by the name Polo Club until 2010, when they changed their name to Migos.

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    Offset is currently in jail.

    When Migos isn't promoting new music or shows, they are adamantly campaigning for Offset's release from jail. "Free Offset" floods their Twitter accounts daily. Unfortunately, Offset missed out on the group's first major show and trip to New York City, when Takeoff and Quavo performed at the Player's Ball on July 10.

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    Drake is a big fan of the Atlanta trio.

    Last month, Migos ran into Drake at radio station Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash in Atlanta. The group revealed that the Young Money rhymer started name-dropping some of their songs like 'Adios,' 'Pronto' and 'Bando.' Since he was a fan of theirs, he decided to remix 'Versace,' and the rest is history.

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    'Versace' was inspired by Biggie and Tupac.

    'Versace,' which is featured on Migos' 'Young Rich N----s' mixtape, was inspired by two fly rappers who set the precedent for their own fashion tastes. "We always be feelin' like Biggie and Tupac. We like that vintage look. All that gold, the silk, the ancient pharoahs," they told Noisey. They believe their style pays homage to the two late rap kings.

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    The group started making music in seventh grade.

    According to Takeoff, the crew began making beats and rhyming in seventh grade. But they didn't get serious about their music until two years ago.

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    They carry stacks everywhere.

    Migos doesn't believe in bank accounts. OK, that may be an exaggeration, but one thing is for sure: they love staying close to their money. In the leather backpacks they carry with them, you can find stacks of cash, an extra T-shirt for Quavo -- who describes himself as a messy eater -- Jesus piece chains, two phones and MC Hammer stunner shades.

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    Illuminati isn't something they believe in.

    During a conversation with Interview magazine, Migos was asked to address Drake's Illuminati reference on the 'Versace' remix. Their response was simply, "Aw, nah, we believe in God."

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    Quavo played football before becoming a rapper.

    Quavo was once a starting quarterback for the Berkmar High School Patriots in Lilburn, Ga. He eventually dropped out during his senior to pursue a rap career.