Rap fans were excited when Lil Wayne announced that a Big Tymers album was in the works with himself, Birdman and Drake. But then they were equally dumbfounded to learn that Mannie Fresh, one of the original members of the group, would not be part of the project.

MTV caught up with the legendary New Orleans producer to get his thoughts on the situation. Like us, Fresh thinks it's incredulous to have a Big Tymers LP without him on it.

"It's kinda like doing a Jackson 5 album with Boyz II Men. Two different eras, great artists, but Boyz II Men is not the Jackson 5," he told Sway Calloway on Wednesday's episode of 'RapFix Live.'

Despite not being called to reunite with his Cash Money brethren, he harbors no ill will and wishes them the best of luck.

"I don't bash Cash Money, Birdman, or none of them. It's really on, I'm just striving on just getting what I deserve, you know, what I put in," he says. "Honestly, I think Drake is a great artist, I think Wayne is a great artist, but they not the Big Tymers."

"You can call it whatever you want to call it, but you can't call it a Big Tymers album," he adds.

We have to agree with Fresh on this one. No disrespect to the in-house producers on YMCMB, but we don't think they can bring that N.O. bounce and flavor that made Big Tymers such a classic group.

As for Mannie resolving his personal grievance with Birdman, he's open to a discussion just as long it's about business.

"I'm too old to be making diss songs. I'm too wise to be making shots at anybody, but my thing is I'm a business man at the end of it," he said.

C'mon Birdman, show Mannie Fresh the cash.

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