Macklemore put Seattle on the map with his sudden takeover of the Billboard charts with producing partner Ryan Lewis. 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us' were on constant repeat, and the rapper had even more introspective cuts like the highly praised 'Same Love' on his debut album, 'The Heist.' The man of the hour speaks on his success and more in the new issue of Rolling Stone. He's also the cover guy.

The cover features the green-eyed rhymer staring at the audience with a noticeable smirk, but the accompanying story looks like it will focus on some of his more serious aspects.

In the story, Macklemore admits he was thrown off by the success of 'Thrift Shop' because of how he felt it affected his public perception. In fact, he reveals the song's success threatened his sobriety. "I went through a place of not being happy, getting put in the box of 'This is a novelty rap song,' and being like, 'What did I sign up for'?," he says.

Ryan Lewis is notably -- or perhaps not so notably -- left off the cover, but he also has some interesting things to say. The producer tells Rolling Stone he's aware that Macklemore is the face of the duo's success, and although he plays a huge part in their come-up, he's not going to get a lot of public attention because of his role.

"I think on the mainstream level, nobody knows what the f--- I am. Am I the DJ? Do I make the beats? Do I rap? Am I singing on tracks? I don't think a lot of people know except real fans who have been around," Lewis says. "I mean, you guys, Rolling Stone, don't want to put me on the cover. It's like, you're going to sell more copies with Ben's face. Why is that? Because the general public, based on the way this whole thing's been marketed...are going to be more receptive to 'Macklemore.'"

The Rolling Stone issue hits stores Friday (Aug.16).

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