When he's not rapping about getting deals on secondhand clothing or performing in front of packed crowds, Macklemore finds the time to do some good. The 'Thrift Shop' rapper recently filmed a PSA to speak out against homophobia for You Can Play, an organization to stop anti-gay sentiments in sports.

"You know someone who's gay ... athletes, musicians, people in your life. They just haven't told you yet," he says in the clip. "Don't let being gay hold you back, and if you're straight, do not hold others back ... Anti-gay language has no place in sports, or music. If you can play, you can play."

You Can Play president Patrick Burke is grateful for the support Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have given the cause. "Guys like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have a platform and presence that can change attitudes," he said in a statement. "They reach a massive worldwide audience and we're proud that they're working with You Can Play to voice equality LGBT athletes and fans in both sports and music."

This isn't the only way Macklemore has spoken out against homophobia. His song, 'Same Love,' which features Seattle singer-songwriter Mary Lambert. "'Same Love' came from a response to rappers always using the f-word and the rampant homophobia that's in hip hop and our culture in general," he told MTV. "There's an epidemic of young people who are discovering their sexuality and are oppressed by it."

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Watch Macklemore's Anti-Gay PSA for You Can Play