Prosecutors in Oklahoma are preparing to file two felony counts -- sexual battery and aggravated assault and battery -- against Young Money president Mack Maine. The rap executive is accused of allegedly groping a young woman's breast and punching another female on a tour bus.

According to News OK, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has been given permission to file the felony charges against Maine. “I can tell you for the record that we've authorized charges but none have been filed yet,” he said. “We're waiting for the investigation to come over."

The charges stem from an Aug. 21 incident, in which two women, ages 21 and 24, were invited to go on a tour bus after a Lil Wayne concert. The older woman told police that during the concert, Maine was complementing her and wanted to party with her after the show.

While on the tour bus, the 33-year-old rapper allegedly put his hand down her dress and grabbed her right breast, while her younger friend was in the bus restroom.

According to the police report, she then slapped his hand away and said, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

When both females tried to leave the tour bus, Maine blocked the bus door before letting them go. But not before Maine allegedly punched the younger woman on the left side of her face. The impact was so hard that she fell off the bus and landed on the ground.

The victim later had surgery at a local hospital and she told police that her jaw had to be wired shut for six weeks in order for it to heal.

Maine wasn't arrested on the day of the incident but he is listed in the initial police report as "SU," a police abbreviation for suspect.

Attorneys for Mack Maine had no comment on the matter.