Mac Miller gives his all during live shows, but the end result isn't always a celebratory one. The Pittsburgh rapper recently collapsed after a stop on his Space Migration tour, scaring both his fans and team.

The 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off' creator appeared ill while performing 'Watching Movies' at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. A video by Miss Dimplez captured the incident.

Before he hits the stage floor, Mac had the audience's attention, as they rapped along with him. At the 2:06-mark, he begins to turn around and falls to his knees. He collapses on his side and then attempts to get back up on his feet by crawling. He doesn't have much luck and his bass player comes over to check on him.

The lights in the venue immediately go off, but Mac wasn't going to let his collapse prevent him from finishing the show. When the stage was re-lit, the rhymer somehow continued on with his set.

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