Lil Wayne has stumbled from his throne. After declaring himself as the "Best Rapper Alive," Weezy's productivity has waned a bit.

His latest album, 'I Am Not a Human Being II,' didn't do so well sales-wise. On top of that, Wayne has been dealing with his medical issues, which has kept him out of the public eye and away from fans' ears.

Even Wayne apologized to his supporters for having a lackluster year and promised to give them new music.

Enlisting the help of DJ Drama, Wayne gets into Mixtape Weezy mode with the just-released mixtape, 'Dedication 5.' At 29 tracks, Weezy F. Baby's fifth installment is seriously bloated with new songs, remixes and non-sensical freestyles.

Guests include the Weeknd on 'I'm Good,' T.I. on 'Typa Way,' Vado on 'Levels,' Mack Maine and Birdman on 'Way I'm Ballin' and many others.

Among the standout tracks on the collection is 'You Song,' which features Chicago rhymer Chance the Rapper. Produced by Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale and Cam, the song features Chance spitting colorful come-ons to a fly girl that catches his eye.

"You the best dressed with ya breasts showin' / Like a salad, no dress-on / Take you to your favorite restaurant / Ask for the bread then f--- in the restroom / They don't ask for a pass when yo ass waltz in my dress room," he raps.

Tunechi follows with a rhyme scheme of how he loves the girls and then leaves them alone.

"Give you the world if it was for me / My diamond grill make it hard to see I'm lying through my teeth / And now I'm flying on my PJ, looking at the clouds / Thinking about yo ass and how it look like a big smile," he spits over a plodding beat and Michael Jackson sample.

Other highlights include the David Banner-produced 'Thinkin About You,' with its infectious trap beat and horn stabs. On it, Weezy raps about losing his true love.

Wayne then introduces listeners to trap-rock on 'Still Got That Rock.' Over wailing guitars and a bass-heavy beat, Weezy spits some of the weirdest punchlines imaginable.

Wayne is good for dropping some decent rap lines but he's also infamous for rhyming metaphors that don't make any logical sense. This lyrical flaw has led rap heads to create the hilarious meme #RapLikeLilWayne on Twitter.

Overall, 'Dedication 5' features some good songs but it's marred by bloated material of redone industry beats. Nevertheless, if Lil Wayne stays consistent and keeps releasing great tracks, like 'You Song,' he won't need to apologize to his fans for having a dry spell.


Listen to Lil Wayne's 'Dedication 5' Mixtape