Lil Wayne says he never read the fiery blog post where Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell demanded the Young Money founder check his attitude against Miami. But he did offer some variation of an apology while interviewing with the city's 99 Jamz radio station.

The whole issue stems from a recent temper tantrum thrown by Weezy after he claimed to have been thrown out of a Miami Heat/Los Angeles Lakers game. He says it happened because he was cheering for the Lakers, but the franchise has said that they simply asked him to leave and he left on his own.

Wayne proceeded to insult the entire team, but targeted LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The 'Love Me' creator also made it a point to deliver a low blow to Bosh and his wife, claiming that he'd had sex with her.

During the interview with 99 Jamz's Felisha Monet, Wayne explained his stance on the subject. “I can't change nobody's personal opinion. I can't change nobody's personal view,” he said. “I can just keep doing what I do and keep putting food on the table for my family and that's what I'm going to do no matter what. I haven't [read Luke's letter], but I already know how he feels about me. I've never met him actually.

"Ever since I got here, there were billboards and signs saying, ‘Lil Wayne, Go Back Home,’ you know what I mean? And I didn't do anything.”

“This is Miami, I can't move,” adds the head of YMCMB. “I got the best skate weather, ever, down here. ... Like I said, the main thing I really want to get out there is that I do apologize for the misunderstanding to the city of Miami. I love everyone here, it's just I'm passionate about sports and I felt very disrespected, that's all. I felt very, very disrespected.”

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