Lil Twist is becoming a lil troublemaker. After TMZ posted a battery report made against the Young Money rapper, he released a statement denying the accusations.

According to the battery report filed Thursday morning (Aug. 1) by an unidentified woman, she alleges that Lil Twist manhandled her while she was trying to leave Justin Bieber's mansion.

The alleged victim claims that Twist grabbed her by the arm and tried to prevent her from leaving the home. She managed to escape and drove straight to a nearby police station where she filed a report. Sources tell TMZ that police are still investigating the case.

In a statement released to, Lil Twist's publicist stated

"Lil Twist was not involved in any battery. He asked the guest of a third party at the home to leave, and security escorted the guest from the premises after the guest became disruptive."

Although Bieber was not home at the time of the alleged incident, this isn't the first time Twist has found himself in legal trouble that involves the pop star's property.

Just last month, Twist was arrested for DUI while driving Bieb's famous chromed-out Fishker Karma vehicle.

It's time for Lil Twist to slow down or else these run-ins with the law are going to catch up to him.