Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly of Kris Kross fame died of a drug overdose, according to the final toxicology reports from the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office in Atlanta.

The 34-year-old rapper passed away on May 1 in his Atlanta home. Kelly was found unresponsive and was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

According to E! News, coroner's investigator Betty Honey said a mixture of drugs in Kelly's system caused his death, although she didn't specify which ones.

At the time of his passing, the 'Jump' creator's mother, Donna Kelly Pratt, told authorities that he took what is known as a "speedball" -- cocaine mixed with heroin.

Producer Jermaine Dupri, who discovered Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith to form Kris Kross, wrote an elegiac tribute to Kelly, calling him "the son that he never had."

"I taught him [and] he taught me," JD shared. "God has blessed me to be in the presence of so many naturally talented people, and Chris was one."