Rapper Kendrick Lamar continues to promote his celebrated album To Pimp a Butterfly with a new video for “Be Free?” (Interlude), which is spoken word tune on the LP.

The clip features a bodacious model is who frustrated over K.Dot’s inabilities to support her with materialistic needs. This is when the Compton rhymer reminds the presumed gold-digger repeatedly that “this d--- ain’t free.”

Throughout the video we are reminded of how America was built on the tortured backs of African-Americans, for free. “Livin’ in captivity raised my cap salary,” he raps, adding, “I need forty acres and a mule, not a forty ounce and a pitbull, bulls---.”

At one point, Lamar is dressed as Uncle Sam to represent America’s consumption of taxing everything and anything. There’s also a live band that pops up and performs the manic production.

Watch K.Dot’s provocative spoken-word video above.

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