Kendrick Lamar has found himself in the middle of a bizarre legal matter involving members of Top Dawg Entertainment. Apparently, a disgruntled fan is suing his team, specifically TDE President, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, and his manager Dave Free, over a failed meet-and-greet.

According to TMZ, Whitney Larkins is super upset with TDE after purchasing a $350 VIP package and being promised to meet the Compton rhymer.

She claims that she emailed Free inquiring what it would cost for one-on-one time with the Grammy-nominated rapper to which the manager reportedly told her three minutes would run her "a cash payment of $10,000."

The gossip website reports that Larkins continued to email TDE management about the opportunity until a point where she was banned from attending the concert altogether. However, she was told that her $350 VIP package would be refunded.

Larkins is claiming emotional damage from the ordeal and is seeking $1 million to help her overcome her grief of not meeting her favorite rapper. However, she's not tripping on K.Dot citing the rapper as "one of the greatest rappers alive [and] on par with Tupac."

Attorneys for Dave Free have not commented on the matter.

This weird lawsuit has left us scratching our heads. Nevertheless, we just hope that the outcome for both parties will be alright. See what we did there?

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