Kanye West should be happy about this: the Los Angeles D.A.'s office announced that they won't charge him with felony attempted robbery after assaulting a cameraman at LAX last Friday (July 19).

According to TMZ, prosecutors found no proof that he tried to steal the paparazzo's camera during their scuffle at the airport.

The L.A. City attorney could possibly file misdemeanor criminal battery charges, but the gossip website stated that those charges won't stick.

West can easily get out of it by ponying up some cash to have the case dismissed. If the photographer and Yeezy come to a civil compromise, then this entire incident could be erased from his record.

In the end, we hope that West ignores the paparazzi because he can't buy his way out of the legal system.

As for West's request for the shutterbugs to stop talking to him forever, he needs to give up on that pipe dream. No paparazzo is going to be quiet when snapping a photo of him out on the street.

Consider this a lucky break, Yeezy.