In the summer of 2012, Juicy J had the strip clubs bouncing with the twerk-inducing banger, 'Bandz a Make Her Dance.' The Trippy king is back with another anthem called 'Bounce It' featuring Wale and Trey Songz.

Much like 'Bandz,' Juicy J is still making it rain with ones, fives, tens, twenties and those big-face hundreds.

"I love the way she slow dance / She make me throw more bandz / Grabbing her ass with both hands / She in love with the dope man," he raps. "She wanna be my main chick / I was thinking different / Clap that ass, light a blunt let's get ig'nant."

Meanwhile, Wale raps about the ladies who rule the pole and the patrons who drop college tuition just to see them perform.

Songz is mainly on the hook singing, "Bouncin', bouncin' / I'm about to throw a couple thousands."

There's no doubt in our minds that Miley Cyrus will be twerking to this song this summer.

Nobody can do ratchet better than Juicy J. Get Trippy!

Listen to Juicy J's 'Bounce It' Feat. Wale & Trey Songz

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