Juelz Santana is enlisting one of the biggest names in hip-hop to executive produce his new album: none other than Lil Wayne.

The Harlem rapper explains that he wants Wayne to "old school executive produce" the album, titled 'Born to Lose, Built to Win,' and not just put a rubber stamp on it. "Let's figure out a way to make this the best project... to present to the world," Juelz says.

The Dipset member isn't worried that Weezy's skater and rock influences will permeate his music and assures fans that they will get the hip-hop they're used to from him. "We both bring a side of each other... I'm definitely going to ask him his opinion," he shares, while retaining his own identity. Juelz hopes for both a commercial and artistic success. "...A successful album and a respectable album and a good album."

Two years ago, there were talks that Juelz and Wayne would put out the joint project 'I Can't Feel My Face.' Hopefully, 'Born to Lose, Built to Win' will arrive shortly and not become prone to the delays of the 'ICFMF.' In the meantime, Juelz Santana fans can listen to his new mixtape, 'God Will'n.'

Watch Juelz Santana Discuss Working With Lil Wayne