Joey Bada$$ has been fairly quiet about the death of his friend and former Pro Era rapmate, Capital STEEZ -- he commited suicide on Christmas Eve last year. Now the young rhymer is sharing a few words on how he's dealing with the loss.

"I've been trying not to get too lost in my thoughts, 'cause it truly hurts, losing a brother or best friend," Joey said in an interview with Sirius XM's Sway in the Morning.

He also confirmed that the death was self-inflicted. When asked if he would pen some rhymes about STEEZ, Joey says he "already wrote that."

It's clear the Brooklyn, N.Y.- based rapper is still feeling much pain from his friend's passing. He shared a photo of STEEZ on Instagram, with the caption "Miss ya bro."

On the music tip, Joey Bada$$ is currently in the studio working on an album that should drop this summer.

“I’m put that out in the summer time. If not that I’m gonna put it out in early fall. It’s all about the timing, and I just wanna get it right. There’s gonna be a lot new material coming out this year. It’s gonna put people on their toes, it’s gonna be perfect. It’s gonna be just right,” Joey explained.

Watch Joey Bada$$ Speak on Capital STEEZ's Death

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