Ladies love Joe Budden and it's no secret he's a loverboy as well. With his third studio album, 'No Love Lost,' in stores this week, the New Jersey-born rapper debuts the Eif Rivera-directed video for 'She Don't Put It Down.'

"Shorty old news though, yesterday's paper," Budden states before the clip commences. The 'Love & Hip Hop' star relaxes with his lady in a posh Miami pad as he spits verses centered on his new boo ("And I love it when we argue 'cause eventually we'll make up").

Tank delivers the chorus ("She don't put it down like you") and gets cozy with a curvy gal at the bar, Fabolous smokes on a cigar surrounded by some pretty thangs ("And yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery / She here at the present time, it feel like a gift when she put it down") and Lil Wayne delivers his rhymes in front of a hazy red Miami skyline ("I can see the stars in the daytime / Bitch I miss you like a deadline").

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