Listen to Jason Derulo's 'The Other Side,' the lead single off his upcoming album, and it's pretty clear what he's singing about -- sex. And the video for the video hardly disappoints.

Starting with a closeup shot of Derulo with a beautiful girl, the video takes fans on a visually chaotic journey, showcasing a new couple that heats things up in the bedroom.

While a time frame is uncertain, the video presents the passion that goes on during a fresh relationship, one where there's fun going on, and we're just looking in on how it unfolds. Making sure to show that he's also a skilled mover, Derulo breaks up the storyline with glimpses of him doing choreography with his boys. There's even a clip of the 'Ridin' Solo' singer on his head.

Despite no set release date on the album, 'The Other Side' has become the most heavily rotated song so far in 2013 -- with more than 120 stations adding the track to their playlists.

If you really like the song, you can either vote for Derulo at this week's R&B Sound Off, where he is up against Fantasia, or catch his live performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' on May. 7.

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