"I'm always trying to compete with myself," admits pop/R&B superstar Jason Derulo in an exclusive Off the Record interview with The Boombox. "I always want to be better than what I was yesterday." 

It's a pretty tall order for the 24-year-old singer, who took the music industry by storm in 2009 when his first career single, 'Whatcha Say,' became a number one hit. Off his 2010 self-titled album 'Jason Derulo,' other tracks such as 'In My Head' and 'Ridin' Solo' instantly became dance club anthems worldwide. Derulo followed up that album with the 2011 album, 'Future History,' which achieved modest success in comparison with his first album.

But that didn't stop Derulo from aiming high for his third album, 'Tattoos,' which was released in Sept. 2013. Derulo reclaimed the music chart throne when his insanely catchy single with 2 Chainz, 'Talk Dirty,' became a number one hit. Regarding Derulo's approach to the album, he admits in the interview, “The material in turn just was about me either having a good time or me talking about how I fell in love or all these different things that were just happening in my life with just the truth. All the truth or me just having a good time acting a fool. That’s my personality.”

Derulo stopped by The Boombox's studios to perform four tracks from 'Tattoos' -- 'Trumpets,' 'Wiggle,' 'The Other Side' and 'Talk Dirty' -- as part of The Boombox's Off the Record series. Check out these exclusive videos of his performances below, and hear what he had to say to The Boombox about making the 'Tattoos' album in the interview posted above.


Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Trumpets'

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Wiggles'

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'The Other Side'

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Talk Dirty'

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