Janelle Monae's funky new song 'Q.U.E.E.N.' deserves an equally funky visual. Thankfully, the pompadour-haired diva delivers in the futuristic video for the track, which was directed by Alan Ferguson.

In the clip, Monae and members of her Wondaland Arts Society have been frozen in time and put on display in a living museum. That is until someone puts the needle on a piece of vinyl (remember those?) and that's when the fun really begins.

The guitar-driven beat kicks in and Monae springs into action and gets down in some black tights and spikey high-heeled stilettos. Seeing Monae do the funky chicken in high heels is a pure delight.

Then comes moment we all been waiting for -- Monae's partner-in-getting funky Badoula Oblongata (bka Erykah Badu) comes to life and repeatedly chants, "the booty don't lie."

The wonder twins, as they affectionately call each other, turns it up a notch and it becomes a full-scale party with patrons twerking and shaking their boo-tays.

This video takes Monae and Badu's collaboration to another funky level.

All hail the Q.U.E.E.N.(S.)!

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