Editor's Note: TheDrop.fm asked performers on the Good Vibes tour to share their stories in a series of guest blog posts. Meet Matisyahu, a reggae star with roots in Pennsylvania. Since 2004, he's released four albums: 'Shake Off the Dust... Arise,' 'Youth,' 'Light' and 'Spark Seeker.' His songs like the hopeful 'King Without a Crown' and inspirational ode 'One Day' have made their way onto the Billboard charts.

Blog 1 - Aug. 7 at Sandia Amphitheatre in Albuquerque, N.M., through Aug. 13 at Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Mont.:

In the Torah, we have a mitzvah to remember, which is linked to the sense of smell and the era of Moshiach. For some reason though, I tend to forget my concerts. Almost immediately after I get off stage I forget and each night is completely unique -- another chance to not only entertain, but allow myself to feel the music and respond.

I spent most of July in New York while my kids were in summer camp. I split my time between the house I grew up in with my boys and the studio in Brooklyn. Shout to 3 Roots juice shop in Greenpoint and Joel Hamilton and the dudes at Studio G. We ended up recording all our parts for the new record and I left for the West Coast. I left L.A., in June with a backpack and I'll return to L.A., in October after shows in Israel.

The first gig of the tour was at a Giants baseball game at AT&T Park in San Fran. An acoustic performance in front a stadium of baseball fans made for an interesting evening.  Then on to Albuquerque to meet up with the bus, the band and the tour. I arrived last Wednesday AM (Aug. 7) and met up with everyone, went to the back lounge in my bus that I haven't been with in six months, and laid down on the quilt that a fan made me on the last tour.

The first night’s show was good, but to be honest, I can't remember much of the show except the mood, which was that of most reunion shows. When the Dub Trio and I get back together after not playing for a while, it's always fresh and exciting. Also playing with Collie Buddz, Rebelution and Zion I made us want to flex a little. Not gonna lie. Next was Phoenix, where my friend came and gave me an awesome massage.

I kicked off the show at Mesa Amphitheatre with a stage dive while the Dub Trio was playing a punk rock song. We had all the kids up on stage at the end for 'One Day.' Epic.  After that we went to OC for a sold out show to about 7,500. I stopped at home and picked up my motorcycle on the way there. Spent Shabbes with my kids and played another great show in San Diego Saturday night (Aug. 10). Then to Sacramento, which is a cool little town. We played our own club show, which was fun. Packed out and super dubby. Met some really cool people just walking around the town.

Yesterday (Aug. 12), we were in Boise and there were some forest fires so I went to a movie. NO ONE go see the new action flick 'Elysium.' Nuff said.

Show was cool and I took a great shower after. I think I’m gonna shave today. I woke up at sunrise this AM as we were driving through the mountains along the river that Louis and Clark went along. Our driver, DW, said he thinks they had an easier time in the canoe than he did on the twists and turns. Bus pulled into the outskirts of Missoula this AM complete with branches stuck in the roof. As long as the rain doesn't fall, I'm gonna pull my bike out of the trailer and go catch a pilates class in town with Joe (drummer).  Felt good to reconnect with the tour.

Caption: Thanks to everyone for coming out last night in Mesa, AZ...had a blast with you guys on stage. First two nights of #GoodVibesTour have been strong...excited for a great summer! #MatisyahuGoodVibes


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